My Family and Writings

Momma don’t cry
Put one foot in front of the other one
Poppa don’t cry
Make sure those foot steps have yours right behind
Sister don’t cry
Grab both of their hands
Sherm don’t cry
We are brothers until the end

3000 miles is far, but family is right here
6 hours and I am there
You may not know this but I tuck you in every night
You may not know this but I make your coffee every morning
You may not know this but I drive with you to work
You may not know this but I love you all so very much

I am your helping hand
I close my eyes and think about tomorrow
I am your helping hand
I love to remember yesterday

Photos hurt, cards burn
But together we make this world turn
Answers are impossible, questions are forever
But we will live our lives to the fullest everyday
And if you can’t keep your feet moving
I’ll carry you home tonight

Don’t be embarassed, because I lose my shit everynight
Don’t be afraid, I am already strong for all of us
Don’t be mad, because I am already raging for us all
Be yourselves, because that is exactly what Pete would want

I still wake up
You still wake up
We together still wake up
I love you all
Head up high
Face the rain drops and clouds
Our clothes feel so much heavier
But we all survive together

Submitted by Jonathan Everett


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