Knowing Pete while I was preggers

Pete and I had worked together for about 6 months when my husband and I decided to have a baby. Pete was a bit horrified to watch how I changed from being a normal girl to a beached whale in the span of 9 months. But he was very kind to me and extremely caring about my condition and my needs while I was carrying. One June day, when I was 7 months pregnant and HUGE, Pete and I took our daily walk uptown for lunch. It was one of those times Pete indulged my craving and we had Magic Cookie bars and ice cream for lunch. It was a nice day and we walked up Nassau Street eating our ice cream and window shopping. We stopped at the window of Hamilton Jewelers and gazed at all the outrageously expensive jewelry. We discussed my dislike for jewelry and diamonds when a necklace caught my eye. I was so taken with that necklace, (multicolored Czech glass beads) I leaned closer to the window to get a better look. But I leaned in a bit too much and slammed headfirst into the glass window. The “smack” was so loud salespeople from inside the store came out to see what had happened. There I was sporting a gigantic, red goose egg on my forehead and holding the dripping remains of a butter pecan ice cream cone. It was a miracle the window didn’t break. I was mortified as a crowd gather around me asking if I was ok. And where was Pete? He was laughing so hard he had to brace himself on the nearby mailbox to keep from falling over. He laughed as he ran to the coffee shop to get me some ice for my head and he laughed as he cleaned up the ice cream I had all over my hand and arm. In fact, he continued laughing as we walked back to work and laughed even harder when I had to explain why I looked like I had been hit on the head with a bat. He held this over my head for a couple years until I convinced him to give blood for the first time at Princeton. He fainted. I felt no guilt giggling just a bit as I helped him on the recovery table.

Submitted by Angela Ratliff

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