Head Banging…at a Black Tie Affair

In 1992, Pete and I served nicely as each other’s dates for the formal dances. I went to his Junior Prom and he attended my Senior Banquet up at the Hilton in Allentown. Chandeliers, a real dance floor, a sit-down dinner. It was almost time for the dinner to be served, so no one was dancing. We were seated at the tables, just sort of hanging out, bordering on bored. Pete had his chair somewhat away from the table, and we more facing each other to talk than facing the table. The DJ was still playing music and put on Queen’s ”Bohemian Rhapsody”. The song has the part when it goes from a slow rhythm to the sudden heavy rock beat. Pete’s still seated, but he just starts head banging like all get out. So he’s there having fun, when this big, long-haired real-deal metal head happens past our table. Even in a tux this looks like the kind of guy that normally would be stuffing kids like us into our lockers. I SO WISH I could remember exactly what scary derelict guy said, but he stops, eyes Pete convulsing to Queen and says something to the effect of ”cool” or ”you rock.”

Pete stops hand banging and looks at the guy, maybe nods or mutters ”thanks”. After the guy walks away, we just start laughing.

I can’t say how many times I’ve heard Bohemian Rhapsody since May 1992, but I always smile when I think of Pete rocking out at the Hilton.

Submitted by Jen Wanisko

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