Egyptian Pete

A funny picture of Pete at the Cleopatra exhibit.

Submitted by Andrea Milnik


Knowing Pete while I was preggers

Pete and I had worked together for about 6 months when my husband and I decided to have a baby. Pete was a bit horrified to watch how I changed from being a normal girl to a beached whale in the span of 9 months. But he was very kind to me and extremely caring about my condition and my needs while I was carrying. One June day, when I was 7 months pregnant and HUGE, Pete and I took our daily walk uptown for lunch. It was one of those times Pete indulged my craving and we had Magic Cookie bars and ice cream for lunch. It was a nice day and we walked up Nassau Street eating our ice cream and window shopping. We stopped at the window of Hamilton Jewelers and gazed at all the outrageously expensive jewelry. We discussed my dislike for jewelry and diamonds when a necklace caught my eye. I was so taken with that necklace, (multicolored Czech glass beads) I leaned closer to the window to get a better look. But I leaned in a bit too much and slammed headfirst into the glass window. The “smack” was so loud salespeople from inside the store came out to see what had happened. There I was sporting a gigantic, red goose egg on my forehead and holding the dripping remains of a butter pecan ice cream cone. It was a miracle the window didn’t break. I was mortified as a crowd gather around me asking if I was ok. And where was Pete? He was laughing so hard he had to brace himself on the nearby mailbox to keep from falling over. He laughed as he ran to the coffee shop to get me some ice for my head and he laughed as he cleaned up the ice cream I had all over my hand and arm. In fact, he continued laughing as we walked back to work and laughed even harder when I had to explain why I looked like I had been hit on the head with a bat. He held this over my head for a couple years until I convinced him to give blood for the first time at Princeton. He fainted. I felt no guilt giggling just a bit as I helped him on the recovery table.

Submitted by Angela Ratliff

Pete – June, 1999

This is a meta-photo: Pete filming Gary’s band, Rose Parade, in Newtown, PA.

Submitted by Lorene Lavora


Mystery Photo I have.

I don’t know why I have this photo but it’s a great one of Pete. I came across it the other day.

Submitted by Angela Ratliff


October 2011

Pete and I having fun on halloween!

Submitted by Andrea Milnik


Pete’s “Memory Lane” Profile

I happened across Pete’s probably long-forgotten profile on ”Memory Lane” and thought it would be fun to share…

”Shortly after high school, I joined a strange religious cult which believes in the holy sanctity of the 80’s pop song, ”Dancing on the Ceiling” by Lionel Ritchie. Our order believes that by reaching a deeper understanding of ”Dancing on the Ceiling”, we will achieve a higher state of consciousness and eventually evolve into beings of pure energy. I spend most days going door-to-door to spread the word, or hanging out in airports, wearing an old bedsheet and pestering businessmen.

(I’m just kidding about all of that, of course. I’m actually a killer-for-hire.) ”

Submitted by Tracy

An E-mail From Pete

Pete and I never e-mailed back and forth very much, more of a text/call situation. On the rare occasion he did e-mail, it was usually good. Enjoy…

I was asked to write a list of bullet points which details all of the stuff I bring to the table in a professional environment. Here’s what I sent to them. Keep reading until the end.


* I’m a subject matter expert in the C# language and compiled CIL. In a developer support role, I assist developers in matters of performance, security, and reliability, as well as providing style and readability guidelines.

* I have a solid understanding of object-oriented framework design. I have developed shared libraries which wrap complex tasks (like authentication/authorization and e-mail encryption) into easy-to-use object models.

* I have extensive experience with various Microsoft technologies and their corresponding APIs, including Windows, Active Directory, IIS, and Exchange. On an infrastructure team, I can automate various administrative tasks which would otherwise have to be performed manually, thus freeing up system administrators to work on other things. I also write automated monitoring tools, which can detect or prevent system problems early on.

* I strive for a detailed understanding of the frameworks and protocols I work with. In the course of analyzing problems and developing compliant implementations, I have read the complete specifications for C# and the CLI, as well as the RFCs for protocols including SMTP, HTTP, SSL, and S/MIME.

* I’m security-minded, to the point of being a bit paranoid. As a code reviewer, I detect security problems with applications before they’re released, including common problems such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well as application-specific problems, such as privilege-escalation vulnerabilities and poor cryptographic implementations.

* I have a logical, structured, and level-headed (some ex-girlfriends would say ”emotionally unavailable”) approach to problem solving. I don’t panic easily. In a crisis situation, I can analyze root causes of problems, and implement solutions quickly and efficiently.

* I know several hilarious jokes, and have amusing personal anecdotes which cover a wide range of topics, including circus acrobatics and rabid groundhogs.

Submitted by Jonathan Everett

So, we had this idea…

So, we had this idea – and you know that’s never a good thing – to climb this water tower off of South Main St. (Carpentersville Road and South Main). I don’t remember who came up with this brilliant idea, but it was probably a collective. We parked nearby one dark night and hiked to the tower. I happened to be carrying a camera bag with a tripod hanging off of it and somebody else was carrying a very small bottle of paint and brushes.

The tower is (was?) probably 120 feet tall and really old. The lower portion was draped with large, tangled vines, making navigation really difficult and progress slow. The middle third angled out, making a nice straight shot to the ground if anyone fell and created a great vertigo effect. We summited that tower that night without incident!

This photo is the fruit of that labor. I set up the tripod on the narrow catwalk, mounted the camera (my Pentax ME Super SLR), set the timer and ran around the tower to get into the picture. We held still for probably 6 minutes! We then painted our personal symbols (I’ll have to find that photo), chucked the paint off of the top and retreated. On the way down, I dropped my tripod from fairly high up, but found it undamaged.

This night still goes down as one of the great things I did with Pete and Rich and I have the photo to prove it!

Submitted by Mike V.


Can you top this?

My Mom found a bunch of old photos and I love this one! The caption on the back says ”Can you top this?” Definitely not! I wish we could all be kids again, life was so much simpler then. Love, Cousin Janet in Maryland

Submitted by Janet Murphy


comicbook christmas 2001

i never got the chance actually to meet pete, but i talked to him on the phone when we as a band invaded the house of fran & roy in 2001… and as far as i know, one of my favorite comic books, which i got as a christmas gift from the everetts in 2001, was found and bought by pete in nyc… i post a picture of the comic and a candle i put on for all of you. claus

Submitted by claus


My Family and Writings

Momma don’t cry
Put one foot in front of the other one
Poppa don’t cry
Make sure those foot steps have yours right behind
Sister don’t cry
Grab both of their hands
Sherm don’t cry
We are brothers until the end

3000 miles is far, but family is right here
6 hours and I am there
You may not know this but I tuck you in every night
You may not know this but I make your coffee every morning
You may not know this but I drive with you to work
You may not know this but I love you all so very much

I am your helping hand
I close my eyes and think about tomorrow
I am your helping hand
I love to remember yesterday

Photos hurt, cards burn
But together we make this world turn
Answers are impossible, questions are forever
But we will live our lives to the fullest everyday
And if you can’t keep your feet moving
I’ll carry you home tonight

Don’t be embarassed, because I lose my shit everynight
Don’t be afraid, I am already strong for all of us
Don’t be mad, because I am already raging for us all
Be yourselves, because that is exactly what Pete would want

I still wake up
You still wake up
We together still wake up
I love you all
Head up high
Face the rain drops and clouds
Our clothes feel so much heavier
But we all survive together

Submitted by Jonathan Everett


August 1, 2009

Pete with Rich’s friend Kathy at our wedding. It’s one of our favorites!

Submitted by Pete at our wedding


Pete’s sense of humor

This is how I’ll always remember Pete. This picture is framed and hanging in our rec room.

Submitted by Uncle Mike


Pete in all of his glory…

Somewhere in cyberworld or beyond, there is a doctored photo. We edited the picture back when Photoshop was unknown to make the trench coat longer. We were very proud of the result.

Submitted by Mike V


Pete’s Blue Hair


Submitted by Jonathan Everett


Pete and I at the Moscone Center

4 years ago in San Francisco.

Submitted by Jonathan Everett


Mature Again…

On a camping trip for Dad’s birthday.

Submitted by Jonathan Everett


The Maturity of Pete and Jonathan

Pete and I were jerky together so I have a ton of photos to share, many more on the way!

Submitted by Jonathan Everett


August 6, 2010

Pete, Jonathan, and me the day of Jonathan’s wedding

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts


Head Banging…at a Black Tie Affair

In 1992, Pete and I served nicely as each other’s dates for the formal dances. I went to his Junior Prom and he attended my Senior Banquet up at the Hilton in Allentown. Chandeliers, a real dance floor, a sit-down dinner. It was almost time for the dinner to be served, so no one was dancing. We were seated at the tables, just sort of hanging out, bordering on bored. Pete had his chair somewhat away from the table, and we more facing each other to talk than facing the table. The DJ was still playing music and put on Queen’s ”Bohemian Rhapsody”. The song has the part when it goes from a slow rhythm to the sudden heavy rock beat. Pete’s still seated, but he just starts head banging like all get out. So he’s there having fun, when this big, long-haired real-deal metal head happens past our table. Even in a tux this looks like the kind of guy that normally would be stuffing kids like us into our lockers. I SO WISH I could remember exactly what scary derelict guy said, but he stops, eyes Pete convulsing to Queen and says something to the effect of ”cool” or ”you rock.”

Pete stops hand banging and looks at the guy, maybe nods or mutters ”thanks”. After the guy walks away, we just start laughing.

I can’t say how many times I’ve heard Bohemian Rhapsody since May 1992, but I always smile when I think of Pete rocking out at the Hilton.

Submitted by Jen Wanisko

March 2007

Visiting family in Florida. Pete, Jonathan, and Frank apparently called each other to coordinate outfits…

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts


August 5, 2010

At Pike’s Market in Seattle, the day before Jonathan’s wedding.

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts


August 6, 2010

Jonathan’s wedding.

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts


Easter 2006

Pete, Jonathan, Sherman, and I were having a Jello eating contest. (Jonathan won.)

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts