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The Vertical Accelerator

Pete and I on the vertical accelerator in Panama City Beach, FL… when he came down to visit many years ago. Getting slingshot a couple hundred feet into the air seemed like good safe fun for kids of all ages, so we happily hopped into the cage, figuring that trusting our lives to two rubber bands seemed like a smart move.

They said if we stayed sitting like we are in the picture, we’d just bounce up and down, but if we grabbed the bar above us like we were doing pull-ups, it would flip the cage. We grabbed the bar and pulled as hard as we could. Several flips, bounces and screams later, we both managed to exit the cage without peeing our pants or throwing up on each other… or at least that’s what we told people. ;)

RIP, Pete!

Submitted by Mike Seiler


Sideways Pete

Novemeber 2011 – Picture by Frank Seiler

Submitted by Karen Tibbetts


A handsome best man, albeit with eyes wide shut

At Bre and Jonathan’s wedding, August 2010.

Submitted by Wendy Krebs Mellor


A simple dedication

While learning to use Photoshop, I started thinking of Pete. It is a simple graphic, but I’m sure the sentiment is shared by all.

Submitted by Tracy



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Fond memory of Peter

I loved watching Peter play with Kagen.

Submitted by Kimmy Ellinwood